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3D board can be widely applied in the household, business and public facility places. The well-chosen engineering location pictures showcase the decoration effect and style of different places. Appreciate and feel the beauty to achieve better life.

Business places—Interior wall, ceiling and background wall of hotels, inns, restaurants, coffee houses, offices and assembly rooms.

Public facilities—Interior wall, ceiling and background wall of icafes, cinemas, gymnasiums, theatres as well as waiting room and rest room of stations and docks.

Household places—Delicate match of color and texture, showing the warmth, nature, comfort and charm of home.
Cinema hall—As if being in the exquisite scene of films, getting a good view before the film is put on.

Bar—In the unique 3D decorative space, the mood is bright, and nice memory becomes clear.

Franchised store—Elegant 3D decoration for wall, highlighting product style and setting off brand’s charm.

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