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3D BOARD is a new, high-quality, artistic, durable and environment-friendly 3d board for interior wall decoration. It is a new trend of wall decoration that the main design concept came from United States which starts the 3D era of indoor decoration. In a simple word, 3D BOARD is the new trend of 3d wall board

The main material of 3D BOARD is Plant Fibre and it is shaped through the pure physical techniques. The product features its three-dimensional relief, simple and fashionable. 3D BOARD promotes its green materials with the environmental friendly technology through the excellent production.

With the increasing taste of life, people pose higher requirement for environment quality while environment-friendly, personalized, artistic decoration materials are quite popular among lovers of life. 3D BOARD meet the requirement among the new generation by promoting environment-friendly and elegant space decoration culture.

3D BOARD is categories as the home deco material for interior wall decoration and background wall decoration. It could be utilized in:-

Commercial Area
Interior wall, ceiling, background wall of hotels, resorts, restaurants, coffee houses, cafes, offices, assembly or meeting rooms, club houses, KTV, cinemas, gymnasiums, theatres, saloon, etc.

Home Decoration
Background wall decoration for TV, sofa, headboard, hallway, ceiling, interior wall, etc.

Public Facilities
Public transport waiting stations, airport, hospital, waiting space of ports, resting rooms, VIP lounge, etc.